5. The 5th Wave

The most important thing I want to say is that, even though I'm a math guy, I did not deliberately arrange my viewing schedule in such a way that my fifth movie would be "The 5th Wave".  But it doesn't upset me, either. Anyway, I knew I wanted to see this one once I saw the first trailer... Continue Reading →

4. Jane Got A Gun

I'm not sure if there has ever been a movie plagued by more production troubles than this one that actually ended up getting made.  Three years ago, the problems started and they almost never stopped.  I won't get into those details (here you go) but I applaud everyone involved for seeing it through and getting... Continue Reading →

3. The Boy

"The Boy" is not what you think it is. I mean that in a good way.  This is going to be a tough one to write, though.  Much of what I both liked and disliked will have to be painted over in broad strokes because I refuse to spoil anything. But there are different ways... Continue Reading →

2. Dirty Grandpa

The second most surprising thing about "Dirty Grandpa" was that I was seeing it, at all, tonight, as this wasn't my original intention. The very most surprising thing about "Dirty Grandpa" was how much I actually enjoyed it. My original plan for this weekend was to go out of town to visit my nieces, tomorrow (Friday),... Continue Reading →

1. The Forest

Here we go!  I kicked off my crusade with "The Forest" on January 16.  A little late to get started, I know, but January is typically a slow month for movies and I was out of town, last weekend. Anyway, my thoughts: I don't have a lot to say in great detail  The movie sure... Continue Reading →

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