Hi there!  My name is Stephen Davidson!

I love movies.  And I also fear that the recent growth in popularity of digital downloading and streaming will cause irreparable harm to the industry over time.  So, this site began when I set a goal for myself to see 100 unique 2016 films in the theater.  I blew past my goal but decided to keep writing about film, anyway.

There’s no gossip, here.  No rumors.  And no negativity for the sake of negativity.  Just movies.  Movie reviews.  Lists.  #ThrowbackThursday posts.  And, when the inspiration strikes me, a well-thought-out editorial.  Those are always fun.

This is not my job.  This is all being done in addition to my regular, fulltime job.  I’m doing this because I love movies and I love to talk about movies.

Look below for the five most recent posts as well as the five most popular!  Or, click the three horizontal bars at the upper right to open the menu/sidebar and see everything I’ve watched, so far this year!  You can also like us on  Facebook!

After each movie I see, I’ll post an update along with my thoughts about the film.  Some things to note:

  • I don’t do spoilers.  Ever.  Your future is safe with me.  If a post contains spoilers, I’ll say so at the outset.
  • Each movie is unique with its own sets of goals.  I will judge each film based on what I perceive said goals to be.  I wouldn’t criticize “Dumb and Dumber” for lack of depth in its characters any more than I would criticize “Schindler’s List” for not being funny enough.
  • I don’t judge movies based on my own personal preconceived notions.  Films should be judged based on what they are, not based on what they aren’t.
  • Very few movies are all good or all bad.  I try to be objective.
  • I do my best to look at each film from the filmmaker’s point of view.  If there’s something I don’t understand in a movie, I ask myself questions; I don’t jump straight to hate.
  • I love movies.  They are the greatest art form ever created, encapsulating all other art forms within.  That love will be reflected here.
  • It’s never my intent to dissuade anyone from seeing a film that they want to see.  I publish my thoughts.  Your thoughts might be different.  Always see the movie for yourself.

Feel free to join along or to live vicariously!  But I hope to keep this a positive place and will take steps to ensure that it remains such.

Five Most Recent Posts

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Review – Life of the Party
Review – Breaking In

Five Most Popular Posts

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  3. How I was C*ckblocked by ROGUE ONE’s Real Darth Vader (or “Another Kind of Star Wars Story”)
  4. Interlude – “Harley Quinn = Money” Should Be Warner Brothers’s Takeaway From the Success of Deadpool
  5. Review – Tomb Raider

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