We Need to Talk About US

Wow.  It's been a while.  But I told you that I wasn't gone for good.  So, thank you for clicking on - and hopefully reading - this column (and for not abandoning me while I regained my strength, but more on that in a bit).  Because if you've seen Jordan Peele's Us, then you know you... Continue Reading →

The 2018 Movie March Oscar Preview

Here we go!  The biggest night in the film industry is just around the corner!  Every year, Hollywood's biggest gather in order to honor the best in the industry.  Winning an Oscar can make a career.  It can transform an actor into a star.  It can catapult a film into classic territory.  Though it truly... Continue Reading →

The Ten Best Comic Book Movie Castings

There was a time, long ago, when a movie based on a comic book couldn't even get a greenlight.  Then, slight progress was made so that they could get the go-ahead, but nobody with any name value wanted anywhere near them.  Now, comic books are recognized as the complex pieces of art that they are, with... Continue Reading →


I just got home from a second viewing of Warner Brothers's Wonder Woman and I felt compelled to write, again.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  "No, come on, you can take today off.  You've already done your next four #ThrowbackThursdays ahead of time.  You stayed up an hour later than you should... Continue Reading →

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