Review – Ingrid Goes West

Here's the bad news: due to a conflict in schedules, I was unable to meet Elizabeth Olsen as I was expecting to, a few weeks ago.  The good news is twofold: I get another opportunity (hopefully) in November and I got to see her latest film, Ingrid Goes West, before it comes around.  I seem to remember... Continue Reading →

54. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

I'm not really sure what there is to say about Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.  It's obviously not some towering achievement in cinema, nor is it attempting to be.  Rather, it's another in a multitude of R-rated comedies to come along over the last several years.  These are cheap and easy to produce, so they... Continue Reading →

2. Dirty Grandpa

The second most surprising thing about "Dirty Grandpa" was that I was seeing it, at all, tonight, as this wasn't my original intention. The very most surprising thing about "Dirty Grandpa" was how much I actually enjoyed it. My original plan for this weekend was to go out of town to visit my nieces, tomorrow (Friday),... Continue Reading →

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