Review – A Simple Favor

I can't immediately recall a time when there were so many (three, to be specific) mysteries in theaters.  First, just a few weekends ago, we got the mediocre The Happytime Murders (review) and the spectacular Searching (review) and, now, from "the darker side of Paul Feig" (as the marketing states) we get A Simple Favor. ... Continue Reading →

#ThrowbackThursday – Savages

Original US release date: July 6, 2012 Production budget: $45,000,000 Worldwide gross: $82,966,152 Savages is the third Oliver Stone film for which I've done a #ThrowbackThursday in recent months, with the first being Born on the Fourth of July (found here) and the second being Platoon (which you can find here).  Stone has over forty years of experience... Continue Reading →

62. Café Society

Blake Lively is back!  Hooray! Okay, so I would have seen Café Society, anyway.  I've become a fan of Woody Allen's recent films and try to catch each one he releases.  I tend to really enjoy them - especially if Allen's not acting.  Annie Hall was enough Allen acting for me.  Thankfully, he rarely does so, these... Continue Reading →

#ThrowbackThursday – Age of Adaline

Original US release date: April 24, 2015 Production budget: $30,000,000 Worldwide gross: $65,663,276 While I won't be doing this every week, I thought it might be fun to look back at older movies from time to time.  Perspective can be an illuminating thing.  In order to be a throwback, the film simply must be from any... Continue Reading →

47. The Shallows

Let me stop you right there.  I think I know what some of you might be thinking about The Shallows.  And it's easy to dismiss any shark movie as a Jaws ripoff.  But that's incredibly shortsighted and reductive.  Not to mention unfair.  There's more to any movie - not just shark movies - than its... Continue Reading →

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