Review – How to Talk to Girls at Parties

This is my first time seeing a new A24 film in quite a while and what a reintroduction it was! For those who are somehow still unfamiliar, A24 is a growing production studio who has quickly made a name and earned a reputation for itself by constantly and consistently chugging out unique, high-quality films that... Continue Reading →

110. 20th Century Women

I really wanted to see 20th Century Women before the Golden Globes, but it didn't hit wide release until this weekend, so it just wasn't possible.  The Academy Award nominations are announced this coming Tuesday, so that may have been a factor in the timing of the nationwide expansion.  But will it get some nominations? ... Continue Reading →

48. The Neon Demon

Here's a peek behind the scenes.  In almost every instance, I write up the first two or three paragraphs of these posts before I see the movie.  Those paragraphs usually just deal with my thoughts and expectations going in and getting those typed up first speeds things up a little bit after I see the... Continue Reading →

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