#ThrowbackThursday – Sky High (2005)

Original US release date: July 29, 2005 Production budget: $35,000,000 Worldwide gross: $86,369,815 It had been a long time since I'd watched 2005's Disney superhero original Sky High.  I had a recollection of enjoying it, but memory is a funny thing and I couldn't help but wonder if my opinion would change upon this revisit. ... Continue Reading →

56. Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man was the fourth release from last weekend that I previously alluded to as being highly anticipated by yours truly.  It initially showed up on my radar due to the presence of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, of whom I'm a pretty big fan.  I've known it was coming since March and I've been looking forward... Continue Reading →

15. 10 Cloverfield Lane

I'm going to brag.  Years ago, there was a soap opera on NBC called Passions.  It was somewhat (though not entirely) different from standard soap opera fare as it invoked the supernatural in much of its storytelling.  There was a witch named Tabitha who had a talking doll named Timmy, for example.  And I've always... Continue Reading →

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