50. The Purge: Election Year

I liked The Purge.  I absolutely loved The Purge: Anarchy.  Even though the creative team stayed in place, they were two wildly different experiences.  The former relied completely on its unique premise to get by.  Once the premise was in place, it played it safe with the narrative and didn't do anything that most people... Continue Reading →

49. The Family Fang

Here we go again.  Here we have another movie that, much like A Hologram for the King, would have had pretty strong mainstream appeal if not for its virtually nonexistent shoestring budget and, therefore, invisible marketing campaign.  The Family Fang has everything casual moviegoers like in their lowkey alternatives to big-budget fare.  It's got comedy, drama, mystery, recognizable... Continue Reading →

48. The Neon Demon

Here's a peek behind the scenes.  In almost every instance, I write up the first two or three paragraphs of these posts before I see the movie.  Those paragraphs usually just deal with my thoughts and expectations going in and getting those typed up first speeds things up a little bit after I see the... Continue Reading →

47. The Shallows

Let me stop you right there.  I think I know what some of you might be thinking about The Shallows.  And it's easy to dismiss any shark movie as a Jaws ripoff.  But that's incredibly shortsighted and reductive.  Not to mention unfair.  There's more to any movie - not just shark movies - than its... Continue Reading →

46. Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence is facing an uphill battle.  At least, financially.  There is not a strong history of successful sequels coming more than three years or so after the previous installment.  It happens (Jurassic World), but it's rare.  In this case, there's been a mammoth twenty-year gap.  Also going against it is the lack of... Continue Reading →

45. Central Intelligence

Here's something about me: I've been a huge wrestling fan for the majority of my life.  Along the way, I watched the development of a man who was then (and sometimes is still) known as The Rock.  It wasn't immediately evident that he was bound for stardom - not in the wrestling industry, much less... Continue Reading →

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